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Our crops are free of chemicals and genetic interventions. We keep all activities in complete harmony with nature and the environment.

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Our accredited specialists provide consulting services to any farmer who needs to grow or ensure the quality of their own ecological crop.


Hazard analysis and critical control points.

The HACCP Manual is a common tool in modern agriculture or contemporary farming. This system helps farmers from all over the world every year to ensure the crop quality according to current regulations.


Good manufacturing practices.

This system is addressed to farmers who process agricultural or non-agricultural raw materials to monitor and maintain production quality or processing.


We know that unpleasant situations can occur even when everything seems to go smoothly. To avoid these situations our specialists come to farmer’s aid.

About us

One big healthy family

Ecofamily represents the family of ecological products. The rule of this house is simple, healthy food for a healthy life. We offer products of ecological crops, quality management and crop techniques for ecological farming.

We use only nature’s advantages in our crops.


Health through an ecological future. We support the ecological production of agricultural and non-agricultural products for consumer and environmental health.


We use nature’s resources to produce the highest quality ecological crops.


Organic fertilizer 100% from brown seaweed. Dilution 1-2 liters : 200 liters water / ha. It can be combined with any other treatment (compatibility should be tested before usage). Foliar application or on drip irrigation system (for ground application dilution 1 liters : 100 liters water). Packings 10 liters = 12.3 kg. Investment : 76 lei / liter with VAT included with pay at term and 60 lei / liter with VAT included for payment at delivery. Transportation costs are not included in the price. For IBC packages of 1.000 liters we assure transportation on our expense.

Importer and distributor: SC ARMANDIS IMPEX SRL, Bucharest.

Contact person: Dorin Vasiliade, 0762-27.82.84. e-mail: vasiliade68@gmail.com
Sales represantatives:
Banat region – ing Gabriela Macra 0733-925.256
Moldova region – ing Sergiu Zbangu 0744-314.149
Oltenia region – ing Stefan Diaconescu 0743-926.266


Natur Salus was established to serve the happy farmers, the healthy plants, and the sustainable environment not just in Hungary but even in the neighbor countries.

The mission of NATUR SALUS company is, that by promoting the technologies that make sustainable agriculture possible, to reduce the harmful effects of chemicals on plant soils, the environment, people, flora and fauna. We want to contribute to the creation of a cleaner, more lucrative world.

Our goal is that by our work to help organic farmers, to contribute in making them more competitive and in this way to help the consumers to obtain healthier foods.

It is also important to highlight that our recommended technologies do not diminish but increase farmers’ competitiveness, meaning they do not have to compromise on quantity and quality of production while at the same time significantly lowering production costs.


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